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SALMOIL Ricetta 2 - 500 ml



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SALMOIL Ricetta 2 - 500 ml


  • Product Description

      Food supplement for dogs and cats, for changes in diet, intense activity and stressful situations for the animal

      The main benefit of Salmoil Ricetta 2 is that it is a dual source of Omega 3. In addition to salmon oil, Salmoil Ricetta 2 contains krill which provides very high assimilation Omega 3 fatty acids thanks to their chemical structure. particular.


      • salmon oil
      • krill
      • Vitamin E
      • polyphenols
      • dry yeast strains
      • short chain fructooligosaccharides


      • Keep the skin and coat in good health;
      • Fighting stress oxidized cells
      • Promote good gut health thanks to its prebiotics and the immunomodulating activity exerted by its ingredients