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SALMOIL Ricetta 1 - 500 ml



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SALMOIL Ricetta 1 - 500 ml


  • Product Description

      Food supplement for adult dogs, old cats, sterilized cats.

      Much scientific evidence, based on studies in domestic animals, has clearly proven the beneficial effects of omega-3s on the health of the skin, bones and kidneys, as well as an increase in cognitive performance.


      • premium Norwegian salmon
      • Vitamin E
      • beta carotene
      • zinc glycinate
      • plant extracts with antioxidant properties
      • rosemary


      • Keep the skin and coat in good health;
      • Preserve joint function against oxidative stress;
      • Help the normal functioning of the kidneys against pro-oxidant molecules;
      • can be used as a flavor enhancer for dog and cat food;