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ND Daily Food - 3kg



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ND Daily Food - 3kg


  • Product Description

      Complete, nutritious and balanced food, developed for a healthy daily diet, recommended for adult dogs, whatever their breed or size. ND Daily Food, made from 100% natural ingredients, aids digestibility, promotes gut health and helps keep teeth, coat and skin in peak condition.



      Dehydrated chicken meat (28%), rice (20%), chicken fat, brown rice, dehydrated apple (9%), hydrolyzed and dehydrated chicken meat, AD * vegetable protein concentrate, salmon oil, linseed oil, brewer's yeast, potassium chloride , PROHEALTH (1%) : green-lipped mussel extract, krill extract, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated tomato, dehydrated, dehydrated marigold, dehydrated alfalfa, dehydrated seaweed, dandelion seed extract, dehydrated broccoli, green tea seed extract, dehydrated chamomile , citrus extract, borage oil, oregano seed extract, milk thistle seed extract, blueberries, L-carnitine, taurine, FOS, MOS, probiotic, PROSAFE COMPLEX (0.03%) : rosemary, clove, dehydrated grapefruit, vegetable oils rich in alpha-tocopherols.


      • CRUDE PROTEIN     26 %
      • FAT     16 %
      • CRUDE FIBERS           2.5 %
      • CRUDE ASH         7 %
      • HUMIDITY                     10 %



      • Eye health

      • Healthy joints

      • High digestibility

      • Slow aging

      • Prevention of senile disorders

      • Ideal weight

      • Healthy skin and hair

      • Intestinal health

      • Dental health

      • Immunostimulating properties

      • Optimal muscle activity

      • Hypoallergenic