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Slow Cooking

slow cooking

It is one thing to choose quality natural foods, but their qualities must be preserved during the cooking and manufacturing process of the croquettes.

This is why we use "slow cooking" or low temperature cooking. And for the most heat-sensitive ingredients, we put them in cold at the end of the cooking process. 

We then keep as much as possible all the nutrients essential for health, mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements ..., knowing that our bad eating habits are responsible for at least 50% of pathologies. 


The effects of cooking ... at each degree its damage:

45 ° -50 °: destruction of certain enzymes which become inactive,

60-75 ° C: disappearance of vitamin C,

90-95 ° C: disappearance of vitamins A and B,

100-130 °: caramelization of proteins (Maillard reaction)

100 ° C: precipitation (deposition) of mineral salts and trace elements which become non-assimilable by the body,

110 ° C: fat-soluble vitamins (E and D - A / K) are destroyed,

120 ° C: destruction of the last vitamins. Fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerins which turn into carcinogenic water and tar,

140 ° C: fruits and vegetables are nothing more than indigestible cellulose (pressure cooker).