Cook4Pets wishes you a happy new year 2021, with more than ever a healthy diet for your 4-legged friends ...

ProHealth and ProSafe

ProHealth et ProSafe

In order to guarantee a high level of digestibility and assimilation of nutrients, we work our recipes with an optimal level of animal proteins, fats and carbohydrates (added at least).

We have also developed two mixes of plant extracts that ensure your animal optimal health by its diet alone.

PROHEALTH (1%) so that his diet is his only medicine:

  • green-lipped mussel extract,
  • krill extract,
  • dehydrated carrot,
  • dehydrated tomato,
  • dehydrated marigold,
  • dehydrated alfalfa,
  • dehydrated algae,
  • dandelion seed extract,
  • dehydrated broccoli,
  • green tea seed extract,
  • dehydrated chamomile,
  • citrus extract,
  • Borage oil,
  • oregano seed extract,
  • milk thistle seed extract,
  • blueberries,
  • L-carnitine,
  • taurine,
  • FOS,
  • MOS,
  • probiotics

 PROSAFE COMPLEX (0.03%) plants with preservative properties:

  • rosemary,
  • clove,
  • dehydrated grapefruit,
  • vegetable oils rich in alpha-tocopherols.

The effects of some of these ingredients

 Green-lipped mussels

Green-lipped mussels contain a high amount of uniquely combined omega-3 fatty acids which prevent joint disease, degenerative neurological disease and cardiovascular disease. 


Chamomile by its bisabolol content is an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic for the digestive system. The choline, oleic and linoleic acids present in chamomile lower blood cholesterol levels. It soothes the mind and calms itchy skin. 


Regular consumption of vegetables from the cruciferous family, for example, broccoli, could prevent certain cancers, such as those of the lung, ovaries, prostate and kidneys.


Dandelion is known for its powerful cleansing properties: it eliminates toxins from the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. It works in case of constipation, difficult digestion, excess cholesterol or even in case of inappetence.

Milk thistle

Milk Thistle is used to treat liver disease: especially for hepatitis and cirrhosis. In addition, it is an effective treatment against depression associated with liver disease. 

Krill Oil

Regulates blood cholesterol levels and fights cardio-vascular disease. Krill oil has a strong anti-inflammatory capacity, giving it anti-osteoarthritis properties.


Oregano reduces fever. It is also useful for relieving indigestion, gas, and bloating.

The seaweeds

Seaweed contains vitamin B12 against anemia, vitamin E as an anti-oxidant, vitamin K as an anti-hemorrhagic, vitamin C, helps in the treatment of hypothyroidism (by its iodine content) and are used in cases of constipation for their laxative power (fibers)


L-carnitine is essential for the proper functioning of muscles, including the heart, a muscle that is constantly in demand and therefore constantly needs "fuel".


Taurine, this amino acid, is essential in preventing heart failure as well as high blood pressure.