Cook4Pets wishes you a happy new year 2021, with more than ever a healthy diet for your 4-legged friends ...

How to choose your croquettes?

All Natura Diet kibbles are made up ofonly natural ingredients purchased from carefully selected suppliers.

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Still new kibble?

Because all the kibbles from well-known brands marketed in Europe do not respect the physiology of our domestic carnivores, here are the pathologies they cause:

  • All dry food is mechanically crushed during its manufacture to the point of making its unrecognizable components, then it is heated to very high temperatures. This makes it easier to work with raw materials, but this process destroys valuable enzymes for digestion and denatures proteins.

  • "Sterile" croquettes prevent not only the development of a healthy intestinal flora, but they lead to excessive and permanent strain on the pancreas due to the far too high proportion of cereals, hence increased risk of diabetes. For reasons of production cost, cereals (much cheaper) replace meat. Carnivores are now transformed into granivores.

  • The constant overwork of the digestive tract is linked to food, the composition of which does not meet the needs of the animal. Abnormal fermentation in the intestine and subsequent diarrhea make the intestinal wall porous. This allows molecules to pass which arrive directly in the blood. The immune system panics triggering allergies of all kinds, including dermatitis, ear infections and digestive intolerances cause complete exhaustion of the body, not to mention degenerative processes such as osteoarthritis and early neurological aging.

  • The type of storage of these industrial kibbles in silos leads to the development of flour Acadians. These are found incriminated in 95% of allergic dermatitis.

What does the range selected for you by Cook4pets bring?

  • All the meats used are real pieces of meat first dehydrated to increase the protein concentration and then cooked in their own juice with vegetables and rice 80 ° for long hours (slow cooking). All the nutrients are thus preserved and no industrial transformation is undergone.

  • Algae, aromatic herbs or famous plants such as dandelion, milk thistle, chamomile, green tea and oregano are systematically added cold to each preparation to stimulate digestive function.

  • All the preparations are free of gluten and GMOs.

  • Omega 3s are also added cold just before bagging and final sealing of the product. Bag packaging follows the manufacturing process without delay, thereby avoiding the development of storage mites.

  • The range does not contain no industrial preservative, Alone rosemary, clove, grapefruit and dehydrated grape extract as well as Vit E, long known for their antibacterial, antifungal properties are used to ensure natural conservation.