Cook4Pets wishes you a happy new year 2021, with more than ever a healthy diet for your 4-legged friends ...

Adapted to YOUR dog


A diet that adapts to the nutritional profile of each animal and not the other way around

Your dog is not just anyone: his food should nourish him, improve his health and make him happy.

The main criteria that influence the composition of its diet:

his race

some breeds require more protein, consume more or less fat, are more or less greedy


her size 

for example, small dogs prefer smaller kibble

his weight

overweight dogs can benefit from a less rich and adapted diet that will allow them to lose their excess weight

his age

the dietary requirements of puppies are different from those of adult dogs. As for older dogs, a lighter diet and a different distribution of nutrients may be better suited to their lifestyle and aging.

his activity

It is obvious that dogs who walk, run or play for long hours every day have greater and different dietary needs than dogs who prefer the couch and the television ...

his pathologies

The entire Natura Diet range is a physiological food for the prevention of pathologies. "Odontic" croquettes will be added or used to prevent the appearance of dental tartar. 

His tastes

it is true that some dogs eat whatever is presented to them without batting an eyelid. But even those have preferences, so why not take them into account and give them what they prefer: chicken, fish, lamb or pork ...